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Aug 15, 2014 . Eyot: Similarity Atmosphere. That oft-indefinable feel that music can have, the creation of a mood or a sensation that inveigles itself EYOT Free of genres, EYOT brings a beautiful eclectic sound that swims from rock to jazz, punk and ambient, impressionism to romanticism, all formed into. Home page of EYOT, an other / not classifiable group from Nis. EYOT is the band from Nis, Serbia. Their music represents the musicians hungering for a fresh.

EYOT, an other / not classifiable group from Nis. "a future-minded, exciting collision of various genres creating happening music " / Gilles Quinnell , PIAS. Buy EYOT Music Similarity - Eyot by Eyot Edition Distribution, Audio Buy EYOT & Prog Rock Digital Music online: AmazonMP3. Jan 12, 2015 Eyot's music makes frequent use of rock rhythms and dynamics and their music is likely to appeal to fans of British “punk jazz” acts such as Get.

Eyot сербия музыку
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